Mission Statement

Wonderful learning in our Catholic community  

This description of learning as being 'wonderful' encompasses three elements. It is intended to denote quality, suggest a sense of awe as students are exposed to new experiences and knowledge and, finally, as a reminder that learning arises out of wondering - the posing of thoughtful, deep questions. A Catholic community is one in which the values of the gospel are named, recognised and practised.

The Philosophy of Catholic Schools in New Zealand

Catholic schools are established to carry out the Church's mission. Schools provide a Catholic Faith environment which enables young people to develop the attitudes, knowledge and skills to become active and committed members of the Faith Community and to contribute positively to the world community.

The philosophy of Catholic schools in New Zealand is based on a Catholic understanding of Christianity. Catholic integrated schools live and teach the values of Christ Jesus. These values are as expressed in the Scriptures and in the practices, worship and doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church. The New Zealand Catholic Bishops act in unison in determining the essentials of the philosophy and its underpinning values.
The following guiding values are fundamental for Catholic schools:
  • The development of the spiritual, intellectual, moral, emotional, physical and social dimensions of students, since authentic human life and openness to God are inseparable.
  • The search for excellence, an integral part of the Christian message.
  • Evangelisation, that is, the encouragement to grow towards the vision of human life and well-being that God revealed in Christ, given expression by the Church.
  • A culture of love, based on God's love for us, which enables individuals to develop the inner autonomy of self love, self discipline and self direction. This enables them to love God and others and to respect the rights, freedom and intrinsic worth of all other people.
  • Moral principles, based on the teaching of Christ and the dictates of right reason and put into practice in every aspect of life.
  • Religious Education programmes which challenge each student and deepen their understanding of Catholic teaching.
  • Education that is inclusive, with a focus on the development of each individual's unique talents, on students and families with particular needs, on the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi, and on multicultural issues.
  • Service, the will and vision to contribute a Catholic dimension to the development of the values and well being of the wider community.
  • Co-operation and solidarity, as principles of right relations with all members of the school and wider community.
  • Parish interaction, which builds up the community of the Church and which supports parents, teachers and pupils/students.
  • Social justice in the face of discrimination, and commitment to an option for the poor at the local, national and international levels.
  • Leadership, to enhance the life of the Church and the well-being of the national and international community.
Lord help us to guide our students, to help them grow in love and be open to your teaching.

Help us to put the well-being of our students first, respecting their rights and dignity,   nurturing their individual sense of self-worth and serving their spiritual, academic and human needs.

Help us challenge them to live by Gospel values and enable them to develop a sense of personal responsibility and a commitment to their community.

Help us support our parents in their responsibility for their children's education; to co-operate with them, respecting their right to know, understand and share in decisions that affect the education and welfare of their children.Help us support the authority, decisions and leadership of our Catholic Bishops, our Proprietors and those who work to uphold and develop Catholic Education.

Help us promote the peace of Christ in the world by modelling co-operative behaviour and peaceful solutions to conflict.

Help us support and work with other Catholic schools, for the good of the Catholic school system.

Help us promote the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi, and actively support the multi-cultural development of New Zealand society.

Encourage us as we strive to challenge all students to achieve high standards which reflect their abilities.

Help us recognise -that we can only fulfil our responsibilities to others if we fulfil our responsibilities to ourselves: if we nurture our spiritual growth, and deepen our understanding of the teachings of Christ and his Church and if we strive to live by values of truth, honesty, justice, goodness, love, reconciliation and respect for others.