Special Birthday Celebrations!  
1927 - 2017 

This year our school commemorates its 90th birthday, having first opened on
2 February, 1927. 

29 June - Feast of St Peter and St Paul.

We’d love to invite any past staff and pupils of the school to come through and see what the school looks like now.
The day will begin at 9:30am with a prayer service in St Peter's Church.  This will be a dress-up day for the students wearing clothing that resembles clothing worn by children in the 1920s.

02 July - School Mass
9:30 am

After the Mass a collection of school memorabilia will be on view and  the school will be open for families to have a look around the classrooms. 
If you have any old photographs or items from your school days at St Peter's, we'd love to borrow them, photograph or photocopy them if need be and include them in our display.  Any items on loan to us will be lovingly cared for and returned to you in the condition received. 
With grateful thanks!